An e-commerce store that is not attracting sales might seem like a bad investment to the store owner and this could be discouraging.

The Collected.Reviews platform has a lot of online users posting links to their stores. However, when people take a look at the store, before proceeding to check out an order, they want to read customer feedback but the store has little or no sales and there are no feedbacks to assure the customer that the product is reliable.

If you own an e-commerce store, then you will want to know these marketing strategies that can help you scale up your store.

1.      Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search Engine Optimization is one very vital strategy to improve your e-commerce store. Even if your store is well organized with a good user and graphics interface, if the content of the store is not SEO optimized, it makes all the effort in building the store almost useless because SEO is how you attract internet users to take a look at your store, whatever you have on the store will only help you funnel these users to become customers. SEO promotes the visibility of your store on search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

2.      Social Media Marketing:

If anything could be described as “a world in the world”, it would be social media. Created to bring together friends and associates who are no longer in contact, social has grown to become one of the biggest marketing tools in the world. This is because from inside your house, you can create a post and influence people from different continents to patronize a brand. The strongest power of social media is the fact that it has a large number of prospects. Mark Zuckerberg’s companies, Facebook and Instagram alone have over 3.5 billion active users in total, thus you can have an unlimited target audience for free. However, to boost the visibility of your store on search engines, you can pay for paid promotions.

3.      Influencer Marketing:

It is no news that recommendations and feedback are a great way to attract customers to your business. However, especially if you are a startup, it might be hard to get people to trust your brand. Public figures or as they fondly called, influencers can help you promote your brand and get more people to patronize you. The rate which influencers charge will depend mainly on how big the influencer is.

4.      Content Marketing:

This is a very effective strategy that you can use to scale up your e-commerce store. Create a blog where you will be writing articles related to the products that you sell. Answer frequently asked questions about your business, divulge information, and at the end, add a link or links to your site. That way, you have been able to create value and it won’t be hard for people to patronize your store.

5.      Feedbacks:

Online, people do not know each other however, people have so much faith in feedback. You can confirm this yourself, if there was a time when you wanted to order for a particular thing online, you will remember how you scrolled to the bottom of the page to check for reviews of previous customers. Encourage your customers to leave positive remarks when they are satisfied with your product.

6.      Referrals:

The referral strategy is another great way to get long-lasting customers. When you satisfy customers, they tend to bring more customers for you and these clients that were brought will bring more customers, creating a long chain of customers just by offering excellent service.

Marketing strategies will only help you draw prospects to your e-commerce store or help you get them to purchase your product, however, you must offer excellent service to make the customers come back again.