Internet marketing strategies are the methods internet marketing specialists use in carrying out marketing on the internet. These strategies differ in application but are often used to achieve the same goal.

E-commerce is beyond just selling or providing services to customers, product or service providers are required to engage their customers to increase customer retention for their brand.

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Compiled below are 5 top internet marketing services home service companies should consider for internet marketing.

1.      Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an internet marketing strategy that focuses on using social platforms to create awareness of goods and services. It is not only used as an e-commerce platform, businesses can leverage social media to engage their customers and also establish a brand tone. Home service companies should consider using social media, as it lets them reach a wide range of customers.

2.      Email Marketing

Email marketing is a strategy for internet marketing that involves reaching customers through emails. This is a form of internet marketing that requires the customer’s consent – through subscriptions to the emailing list. If the customer’s consent is not given, the business emails can be reported as spam, thereby affecting the credibility of the content of the emails.

3.      Content Marketing

This strategy used for internet marketing is used by businesses not just as a marketing tool, but also as a way to answer customers’ questions about the products or services businesses offer. When a home service company uses this strategy for internet marketing, they offer answers to their existing and prospective customers’ questions and build a relationship with them through the delivery of quality content.

4.      Location-Based Marketing

This strategy is also known as proximity-based marketing, geo-targeting marketing, and hyperlocal marketing. With this strategy, businesses use customers’  locations to market products or services the customers within the area might find useful. It enables them to streamline their target audience to a particular location and service them accordingly. For home service companies, using this internet marketing strategy will help them find customers near them, and determine what those customers look out for and how to provide better products and services for them.

5.      Pay-Per-Click Marketing

This type of marketing strategy allows businesses to post ads on the internet that are only paid for – payment to publishers, like websites, search engines, or a network of websites – when the ads are clicked. The ads have a high tendency of reaching a wide variety of people that the business targets. To do internet marketing, a home service company should consider using the Pay-Per-Click marketing strategy because it provides certainty for the company to reach its target audience.


Internet Marketing, also known as Digital Marketing is a provision of technology and its advancements that allows businesses to reach their customers on the internet. There are several strategies for internet marketing, and the strategies listed above are some of the best strategies a company can employ in doing its internet marketing.